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Moguls Rules - Points Style

Moguls Rules - Points Style

The ski trail colors are worth an ascending value according to their level of difficulty. (Green Circles being the lowest and Double Black Diamonds the highest)

The ski trail colors equal the following point values:

 Green Circle = 1 point

 Blue Square = 3 points

 Black Diamond = 5 points

♦♦ Double Black Diamond = 10 points

Players will take turns rolling the dice to obtain the highest combination of points determined by ski trails they roll. Try to MOGUL out or make sure you stay off the MAGIC CARPET!

  1. Each player starts with 3 chips
  2. Game play starts with the least experienced skier
  3. Rotate the player who starts the round to the left after each round
  4. Each player gets 2 rolls. After the first roll select any dice you want to keep.
  5. Roll the remaining dice to try and roll a higher score. Players do not have to roll twice
  6. During each round, the player with the lowest score puts a chip into the middle. In the event of a tie, all players with the lowest score put in chips.
  7. If a player rolls “3 of a Kind” (Blue Square, Black Diamond, Double Black Diamond) that is a MOGUL! They automatically win and everyone puts a chip in the middle.
  8. If a player has 3 Green Circles after their second roll, that is a MAGIC CARPET! They automatically lose and must put a chip in the middle.The object of the game is to be the last player with chips.

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