Moguls Dice Game

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Introducing Moguls Dice: The Aprés Ski Dice Game

Experience the thrill of the slopes and the challenge of the dice with Moguls Dice, the ultimate aprés ski entertainment. Whether you're a seasoned skier or a beginner, this game will have you rolling for victory and avoiding those treacherous Magic Carpets!


Ski Your Way to Victory

In Moguls Dice, each ski trail color represents a different level of difficulty, with ascending point values that mirror the excitement of the mountain:

Green Circle = 1 point

Blue Square = 3 points

Black Diamond = 5 points

♦♦ Double Black Diamond = 10 points

Hit the Slopes with Strategy

Compete against your fellow skiers to roll the highest combination of points by skillfully selecting and keeping the right dice. But beware, the skier with the lowest score in each round has to contribute a chip to the middle of the pot.

Ways to Play

There are many ways to play Moguls™ and we encourage you to make up your own ways! See below for a few ways to get started.

Download Ways To Play